Setting Boundaries to Avoid Burnout with Natasha PierreFish Food Podcast

Setting Boundaries to Avoid Burnout with Natasha Pierre

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In this special episode, Keila invites her first guest of the season - Natasha Pierre! A social media manager turned video marketing coach, speaker, podcaster, and creator, Natasha helps clients who struggle with strategy and confidence when it comes to content creation. Through her signature group programs and educational content, she helps clients build their brand with a confident video marketing strategy that ultimately grows their business, community, and impact simultaneously.

Tune in as Natasha shares her own entrepreneurial journey, from the loneliness that comes with growth to walking away from a lucrative business in order to protect her peace.

So lean in and don’t miss this conversation on burnout, boundaries, and fitting your business into your life rather than fitting your life into your business.


  • Natasha’s journey from entrepreneur to coach and creator
  • The struggle to find balance while growing
  • Staying intentionally and experimentally small
  • What does “enough” feel like for you?
  • Trusting your gut and learning to say no
  • Setting the foundation for the life you want to live


“It's this place where we can still innovate, still have ideas, and still say yes to things. Where I feel really excited, but not compromise well-being and stress and overwhelm.” - Natasha Pierre

“Be honest with yourself when something needs to go or when something's no longer a good fit. Even when that was what you thought was going to be it. It's hard, but it's worth trusting that instinct or that nudge.” - Natasha Pierre


Natasha Pierre

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So much helpful straight to the point information. I’m so glad I discovered this gem of a podcast💕

Fish Food Podcast

Great information and wonderfully broken down for understanding.

Fish Food Podcast

I love that this is also an archive of helpful information I can come back to when I need it!

Fish Food Podcast

This podcast serves entrepreneurs like me greatly on enhancing our businnes!

Fish Food Podcast
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