Narrowing Down Your Service OfferingsFish Food Podcast

Narrowing Down Your Service Offerings

The more offers you have, the more money you will make, right? WRONG!

While it may sound counterintuitive, in this episode, Keila discusses why reducing the number of offerings you provide can amplify and exceed your previous profit and revenue targets. Take Little Fish for example, who doubled their revenue in just two years after eliminating their buffet of services!

So tune in and find out if narrowing your service offerings is right for you and how you can get paid more to do less.


  • Why you may want to offer fewer services
  • How narrowing down can save on costs
  • What to consider when cutting your list of services
  • “All money ain’t good money.”


“When you slow down how many services you offer, or actually just streamline down to a lower number of services, you really have the opportunity to make those better.” - Keila Hill-Trawick

“It's hard to be an expert in your field that can provide value to clients when your hands are in a bunch of different buckets. So start looking at your suite of services and ask yourself, could we do less for more?” - Keila Hill-Trawick


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Great information and wonderfully broken down for understanding.

Fish Food Podcast

These are really short episodes, but they're packed with information! I can't believe how much I learned just from 1 episode. Definitely listen to this if you are a freelancer, a small business owner, or if you're thinking about starting a business. The accounting stuff has always been confusing, but this podcast helps make everything clear and simple.

Fish Food Podcast

I love that the episodes are concise yet valuable. So many great tips and information shared!

Fish Food Podcast

Great podcast for anyone who wants to learn about how a CPA can add value. Short episodes packed with information. Keep blessing us

Fish Food Podcast
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