The Gift in Trauma with Phoenix JacksonTriggered AF Podcast

The Gift in Trauma with Phoenix Jackson

Trauma can bring us an immense amount of pain, but it can also be a beautiful gift if we allow it to be.  In this Season Finale episode of Triggered AF, Alechia and Dani welcome Phoenix Jackson, an impact entrepreneur and strategist, to talk about trauma in a different light.

Tune in as Phoenix shares her personal journey of healing and spirituality, leaving the environments that caused her trauma, studying different spiritual systems, and ultimately finding Buddhism as the one that forced her to dive into herself. Discover the power of meditation and self-reflection in healing, and the need for forgiveness as Phoenix shares how she used her trauma as a gift to transform her life.

So join in on the conversation as your hosts & Phoenix offer a fresh perspective on trauma and the ways in which it can be used as a tool for growth and transformation.


  • Trauma as an opportunity for growth and transformation
  • Tapping into the power of Sisterhood and female friendships
  • Defining ourselves beyond external titles and accolades
  • Having a trusted advisor or consigliere when navigating personal and professional challenges.
  • Removing yourself from unhealthy environments and seeking alternative spiritual paths
  • The difficult and unglamorous journey of confronting and processing trauma


"Real healing is simply sitting in the energy that is stuck within your's like dissecting all of that to sit with your own self. That's healing and that is never pretty."

"What do you get out of trauma? What is the gift? And if you cannot avoid it, how can you get something positive out of it that transforms your life?"

"The biggest lesson for me is that when we're in a state of transition or change, it's important to be still and listen to our intuition and inner voice."


Phoenix Jackson

IG | @phoenix_jackson_


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Two beautiful and uber intelligent young women discussing various topics that are extremely relevant for today? I’m in!!! I was not disappointed and I’m sure you won’t be either.

Teddy the Boss
Triggered AF Podcast

I absolutely love how open & frank the conversations are!! “REAL, RAW & RADICAL”Y’all keeps it 💯 & I love that bc people are able to relate (they see themselves in these real life situations that you guys are bringing to light) the conversations are are L🔥T!! L🔥T!!!! y’all & I definitely appreciate them!! Keep up the amazing job @alechiareese & @missdanifoster🙌🏽🙌🏽

Ms. KerryBaby
Triggered AF Podcast

This podcast talks about topics that are absolutely taboo, but in a way that invites you to grow and learn with them. They don’t pretend to know everything, ANDDD bring in people we can all learn from! Subscribe now, follow now, and listen to every word! This podcast is EVERYTHING!!

Triggered AF Podcast

I think 🤔 we need to listen to what these women have to say. I was very impressed with the episodes and hope to hear many more.

Triggered AF Podcast
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