How to Keep Your Man Emotionally Attracted to YouDeeply Connected

How to Keep Your Man Emotionally Attracted to You

If you’re struggling to keep the intimacy and spark alive in your relationships, then this episode is for you.

Tune in as Ludmila talks about the missing pieces needed to establish not only a strong sexual attraction but also a deeper emotional connection with your partner. From leaning into positive affirmations to having relaxation with yourself, you will learn more about how you can keep your commitment to your partner exciting & thriving!

It’s time to deep dive into what you need, feel, and heal to create successful relationships. Join Ludmila in this conversation and discover ways to have a secure and stable relationship that still sparks attraction and desire. Through her insightful advice and real-life examples, you will learn how  to step into your feminine energy to finally connect with your partner, and more importantly, yourself.


  • Learn the skills how to handle relationships
  • How to become more feminine for yourself
  • Build an emotional connection with yourself and your relationship
  • Slow down & be more present to yourself
  • How do you express your feelings?
  • Feel through your negative emotions instead of suppressing them
  • Ways to keep your man emotionally attracted to you


“If you're together 5 years, 10 years, 15 years, 20 years together, it really takes commitment, attention, and intention to keep it fresh, to keep it exciting; while at the same time to have the stability and security. When I speak about emotional connection, you need to be able to create those within yourself and then in the relationship.” - Ludmila Woodruff

“This lack of connection and ability to grieve and cry, and even express anger in a healthy way to yourself with yourself transfers to dating and your marriage.” - Ludmila Woodruff

“You don't have to work harder and you don't have to do more to keep him emotionally attracted to you. The opposite is true.” - Ludmila Woodruff

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She offers a way to reframe the practice of healing and self love as a journey. It makes sense in a way that a lot of podcasters can’t. She really makes me want to try one on one coaching and I’ve always been a therapy girl, highly recommend you listen.

Deeply Connected

For those who cannot yet hire you for services, this platform, these episodes, your guidance has been sooo beneficial in my life. Thank you for turning this into a podcast! You provide such incredible value for us Women! I’m sooo excited for season 2!

Kayla Persaud
Deeply Connected

Your podcast was so helpful! Especially because as a single woman it’s been challenging to date, I’ve been stuck in my old beliefs, you made me realize that there’s nothing wrong with me and I just have to change the way I see dating. You rock!! ❤️❤️

Ceci pichardoz
Deeply Connected

I can listen to Ludmilla for hours and hours. There’s always something eye opening in each episode. Each time I listen to the connected podcast my defense mechanisms go down because Ludmila helps us understand ourselves better! She helps us feel a deeper connection to ourselves. I promise you’ll only grow and feel better from listening to this podcast! Thank you for your work and for this podcast!

Deeply Connected
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