The Conduct Double Standard in Women's SportsThe Sportsclusive Podcast

The Conduct Double Standard in Women's Sports

Champions are aggressive. Champions are outspoken. It's the type of intensity and bravado that has popularized the sports we watch today. So why does there seem to be a conduct double standard when it comes to women’s sports?

Always posing the questions most are trying to avoid, in this episode, Tiberius asks: when will we start treating female athletes as intense competitors? Or, inversely, when are we going to hold their male counterparts to the same conduct standards?

Tune in for your host's take, and let us know what you think!


  • Where’s the line between unsportsmanlike and savage?
  • Examples of written-off “misconduct” in men’s sports
  • Why female athletes with big personalities should be promoted, not punished


“These women are athletes. They have adrenaline running through their bodies. They got competitive juices flowing just like their male counterparts.” - - Kenneth “Tiberius” Clark

“I view it as athletes will be athletes. Competitors will be competitors. I don't think this is a gender thing. So I don't see anything wrong with two dominant players, two players as talented as they are, coming for each other's throats.” - Kenneth “Tiberius” Clark


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