Shoot Your Shot: A "Do Now" Approach to Success with Lauren DeVeraSix Figure Certified Coach

Shoot Your Shot: A "Do Now" Approach to Success with Lauren DeVera

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Lauren DeVera is the definition of a multi-hyphenate!

A movement and mental health artist, certified life coach, and host of the Thrive + Thread podcast, listen in as this wellness expert and entrepreneur sits down with Liv to invite you to love yourself and pursue your purpose.

From dancer to coach, hit play as Lauren shares her story, a testament to following your intuition, trusting the journey, and living for the NOW!


  • What allowed Lauren to step into the role of leader and expert?
  • “You can’t put a price on community”
  • How Lauren embodies her full self in so many different capacities
  • Moving away from living for later and trusting your intuition
  • Don’t be afraid to shoot your shot!


“I'm going to show that me doing what I love isn't failure.”

“Moving away from living for later, I'm different. I want to live for today, and I will figure it out as I go along.”


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I love listening to this podcast! Katie and Liv bring their coaching, business expertise, and a whole slew of successful female coaches and entrepreneurs into the conversation. They discuss a variety of topics, life challenges, and share tips and tricks. Must- have inspiration for life coaches, new or established!

Amanda Flynn
Six Figure Certified Coach

Love that the guests share the real stories—the good and the challenges of starting and growing a business! Refreshing and inspiring!

Six Figure Certified Coach

I love all of the episodes! I really appreciate the way we get to hear how each guest started their coaching journey and how their business grows and changes as they do. The questions Katie & Liv ask evoke great answers that are insightful, informative and inspiring! IGC continues to deliver excellence!

Mary Addison Y
Six Figure Certified Coach

Honestly I finally feel like someone “gets it”!! I really appreciate the realness of each episode. Like… no everything is always perfect and things don’t happen overnight but life is GOOD and having a life an biz is legit possible. Just booked a call w your school— cannot wait!!!! Starting class in March!!

Six Figure Certified Coach

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