Embracing Your Identity as an Innovator with Leigh-Ann BuchananRoad To Reinvention

Embracing Your Identity as an Innovator with Leigh-Ann Buchanan

On a mission to help leaders accelerate equity in every space, Leigh-Ann talks about innovation as a tool for building better communities, supporting marginalized groups, and closing systemic gaps. Access has the power to change lives, and in this episode, Sherrell and Leigh-Ann talk about the steps that have been taken to build a generation of leaders that further embrace inclusivity and equity through organizations such as the Nyah Project.

Leigh-Ann believes that everybody has the capacity to innovate - tune in to this episode to tap into the innovator in you!


• What our leadership can do to accelerate equity
• Live a life beyond your professional identity
• Be a part of something that is making a change on a fundamental grassroots level
• Clarity creates confidence - why shadow work is vital in your professional life
• Become a catalyst for solving problems for others
• How to have the capacity to create impactful results
• Tech can be the greatest accelerant of equity
• Embrace your identity as in innovator
• Your identity is not relative to things you have built, but to the value you deliver


“We talk about communication skills strategy, how to even restructure a company, but we're not taught how to be good practitioners of equity.“ - Leigh-Ann Buchanan
“Reinvention is healing your relationship to change.” -  Leigh-Ann Buchanan
“It was kind of scary because I had identified just as a lawyer, I can solve legal problems. But I also saw that innovation is a tool to make the community better to help people make their lives better. And so I transitioned to leading that venture.” - Leigh-Ann Buchanan


Leigh-Ann Buchanan

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As we remove the disguises our true desires hide behind and embrace them at face value — there’s a calling for reinvention. Perfect podcast for people who love to continually reimagine themselves to achieve their highest version of self. Rae’Mah🦕

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Road To Reinvention

Sherrelle is an absolute visionary with so much to give. If you’re not subscribed to this podcast, you’re missing out!- Lauren ChanteHost of Rock Your Wellness with Lauren Chante

Lauren Saglimbene
Road To Reinvention
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