How to Train Yourself for a Constantly Changing Future with Chandler Malone Road To Reinvention

How to Train Yourself for a Constantly Changing Future with Chandler Malone

The only constant in life is change. Although talent is everywhere, one must be able to adapt to the necessary changes from the status quo, just the same as how education and skill sets need to accelerate.
From being a venture capitalist to an entrepreneur, Chandler Malone joins Sherrell in this episode as he explains how to embrace reinvention through both getting comfortable and intimidating. With a mixture of both formulas, there’s still that ‘exciting part’ to dealing with periods of immense uncertainty.

Tune in on this podcast and discover how to unlock your yourself or team’s potential n general — specifically in the technology sector.


• How the customer relationship management software tool collects database for a talent pool
• Opportunity to take the fundamentals that cutting-edge tech companies in talent acquisition
• Ensuring that every person that gets into a program has a job opportunity
• How to create a self-perpetuating feedback cycle
• Focusing on a specific skill set is advantageous for employability
• Education is constantly transforming
• Keeping morale is important, and adapting amidst the tough times
• Be comfortable with change
• Be the type of leader that builds a team with clarity and space to be their best
• Allow having a depth of understanding with people
• Re-thinking how education and learning are taking a different approach


“Bootup is trying to solve the labor market gap for skilled worker shortages, while also providing economic opportunity for folks who are looking to make more income.” - Chandler Malone
“If you're going to be in the technology field and sector, there's going to be this constant need to reinvent, re-educate, etc. And so it doesn't really matter which pathway you came through — that’s going to be a constant.“


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As we remove the disguises our true desires hide behind and embrace them at face value — there’s a calling for reinvention. Perfect podcast for people who love to continually reimagine themselves to achieve their highest version of self. Rae’Mah🦕

Learning to understand
Road To Reinvention

Sherrelle is an absolute visionary with so much to give. If you’re not subscribed to this podcast, you’re missing out!- Lauren ChanteHost of Rock Your Wellness with Lauren Chante

Lauren Saglimbene
Road To Reinvention
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