Big Opportunities in a Small City of Miami with Matt Haggman Road To Reinvention

Big Opportunities in a Small City of Miami with Matt Haggman

Sometimes, reinventing yourself can simply be staying grounded in your city without the need to escape.

Award-winning journalist Matt Haggman joins this episode, who is currently the Executive President of Opportunity Miami at The Beacon Council, a public-private partnership that is the official economic organization for metropolitan Miami.

He leads the Opportunity Miami initiative which focuses on entrepreneurship and innovation, talent and inclusion, and sustainability and resilience.

As Matt is considered a pioneer in Miami who spearheads an entrepreneurial movement, he explains that Miami is remarkable on its own that can create a wide array of opportunities in the community despite it being a small city. There is also a sense of building a great community in Miami through engagements in local businesses and with leaders and innovators that help the overall economic ecosystem.

Understand more of Miami’s economic future by tuning in to this episode with Matt and Sherrell!


• Understanding how Opportunity Miami works
• Discovering the sense of taking ownership of one’s journey in life
• Immersing into a journalistic standpoint experience help in creating an impact
• How entrepreneurship can transform communities and people in Miami
• The importance of finding a place with an open mind, rewarding grit and initiative, and taking pride in the hustle
• How reinvention serves as an opportunity to look at challenges as new opportunities
• Diversity is a unique differentiator and builds an ecosystem for the whole community
• Importance of having the credentials of upskilling to create a center of equity
• Searching for a sense of meaning in finding one’s purpose


“Keep going. I guess it's cliche to say, but the journey continues. It really does. And I know for me, as I sit here — there are going to be more chapters.” - Matt Haggman
“What I found is actually a place of real substance. This is a place where people come to and are reinventing their own lives or starting over. If there's any place that knows about the hustle, that knows about sort of getting through tough periods in life, knows about transitions — It's Miami.”  - Matt Haggman


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Sherrelle is an absolute visionary with so much to give. If you’re not subscribed to this podcast, you’re missing out!- Lauren ChanteHost of Rock Your Wellness with Lauren Chante

Lauren Saglimbene
Road To Reinvention

As we remove the disguises our true desires hide behind and embrace them at face value — there’s a calling for reinvention. Perfect podcast for people who love to continually reimagine themselves to achieve their highest version of self. Rae’Mah🦕

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