The End of The Stranded PhaseRich In Real Life

The End of The Stranded Phase

It’s time for a serious transition Stranded family!

Starting this podcast to share some of the rawest and most difficult moments on her path to accidental entrepreneurship, we’ve joined Jess embrace the “stuck” in business, relationships, finance, and more.

But today, as we reach the end of 2022, your girl Jess is more confident and clearer than ever. And she is here to tell you…we're not stranded anymore.

Now, this doesn’t mean we aren’t going to have hard times or get stuck every once in a while. But it does mean we know how to handle it differently, and dare we say, better! So join Jess as she invites you to get Rich in Real Life and in all things that bring you joy and gratitude!


  • It’s time for a serious transition!
  • The lessons Jess learned during her “Stranded Phase”
  • How Jess needed to get out of her own way!
  • What does rich in real life mean?


“Rich in real life means so many things to me beyond financially wealthy. It means rich in well-being, rich in assets so that we can create freedom and time and comfort. It means rich in community, rich in connection, rich in network. Rich in health, rich in family, rich in opportunity. Rich in self!”


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Oh Jess.........what can I say about this girl I feel like I’ve known her for years lol ....she inspires me almost daily, she is a mirror of strength, perseverance, determination, I could go on and on. She is transparent in her podcasts giving us all inspiration and motivation to be the best versions of ourselves. I LOVE listening to her and look forward to her posts and podcasts. Thanks jess for giving so much of yourself!!!!! XO

Rich In Real Life

All I can say is WHOA!!! This podcast has me literally blown away! Jess is your no holds barred, tell it straight, sister from another mother🙌🏽I haven’t come across an episode that I haven’t absolutely loved! This podcast has me digging deep on a level I didn’t even know exist. Listen, save, and repeat!

Rich In Real Life

I’m a big podcast fan but this one is my essential. So much great content, relatable, and I learn SO much every episode!

Rich In Real Life

Best podcast ever !!! Jessica you rock!!!

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Rich In Real Life
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