Shifting Your Future: From Survival Mode to a Peaceful Mindset with Coach Marcus G. VilméMultifaceted AF

Shifting Your Future: From Survival Mode to a Peaceful Mindset with Coach Marcus G. Vilmé

In this episode, Multifaceted Mama Kae invites Marcus G. Vilmé, also known as Guru Cu, the founder of AMP Mentalities, LLC, to share his inspiring journey. Marcus's mission is to help individuals shift their mentalities away from the survival mindset, enabling them to embrace a peaceful and enlightened future confidently.

Marcus shares his experiences with depression and how they led him to create AMP Mentalities. He passionately discusses the importance of focusing on physical, mental, and spiritual well-being to foster positive transformations. His unique approach to life and coaching draws inspiration from anime and the hero's journey, offering a fresh perspective on personal development.

Join Kae and Marcus in this conversation as they delve into Marcus’s journey, the role of therapy, and how he uses a multifaceted approach to empower others and create authentic connections. Tune in this episode and learn the power of shifting mindsets and embracing one's true self on the path to a brighter future today!


- Focusing on mental shifts, fitness, and wellness coaching

- What does multifaceted mean to Marcus?

- Marcus’s fascination with anime and how it influences helping others with his business

- The importance of authenticity and creativity that leads to one’s fulfillment

- Reflecting on past traumas and using therapy and Reiki for self-healing & development

- Embracing the authentic self and finding representation for personal growth

- The significance of self-validation and strive for continuous improvement in life


“To be multifaceted to me… I love it when I'm asked these types of questions because I always like to break things down as just the word itself. Just ‘multi’ — I wear quite different hats, sometimes called a jack of all trades. So, [for the] ‘faceted’’ component, I just knew that I'm a different individual. I'm unique. I kind of intertwine a lot of things within myself.” — Marcus Vilmé


Marcus G. Vilmé

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