Music & Black Culture - The Changes Through the YearsTriggered AF Podcast

Music & Black Culture - The Changes Through the Years

We are so excited to have GRAMMY® Award-winning, multi-platinum singer, songwriter, producer, and actor, Anthony Hamilton join us for this episode! Tune in as Alechia, Dani, and Anthony take a deep dive into the evolution of music and Black culture over the years, as well as discuss some other big hot topics in our music culture and industry.

How does one stay true to their voice in an ever-changing music industry? What is our music a reflection of today? Is it possible to normalize therapy and support our industry creatives? Join Anthony and your hosts as they explore these questions and more.


  • Thoughts on today’s R&B and Soul music.
  • The evolution and influences of music over the years.
  • Staying true to yourself and your voice through changing times.
  • An artist’s responsibility for social change.
  • The representation of women in hip hop music.
  • What is our music reflecting today?
  • How can we show support to our industry creatives?
  • Hopes for the future of music.


“We are the culture, we created the music. And then the music created us in a way. So I think it's a revolving door.”

“It's only lonely at the top because you refuse to take somebody else with you. You can bring others along.”


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I absolutely love how open & frank the conversations are!! “REAL, RAW & RADICAL”Y’all keeps it 💯 & I love that bc people are able to relate (they see themselves in these real life situations that you guys are bringing to light) the conversations are are L🔥T!! L🔥T!!!! y’all & I definitely appreciate them!! Keep up the amazing job @alechiareese & @missdanifoster🙌🏽🙌🏽

Ms. KerryBaby
Triggered AF Podcast

Just wow! I’ve listened to every episode and each one has helped me in some way. I’m really clear on what it is I want and what it is I need now.

FL-NY Traveler
Triggered AF Podcast

I appreciate the rawness and transparency. Your authenticity is much needed and appreciated. It’s good to acknowledge our triggers and talk them through. Absolutely love it!!!

Triggered AF Podcast

This show is such a great listen for young and mature women to let you know you 1) no you’re not crazy 2) you’re no alone 3) your feelings matter. Thank you Alechia & Dani for your real and raw conversations. This should be a TV show!

Triggered AF Podcast
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