Master the Money Game with Mary HuangHealth Conscious Living Podcast

Master the Money Game with Mary Huang

Meet Mary Huang - a wealth and legacy architect on a mission to give middle-class Americans, entrepreneurs, and, more specifically, women a simple strategy to build, protect and pass on generational wealth.

Through her life experience, Mary has transformed trauma into treasure, dedicating her time to discovering, testing, and crafting her life as a Divine Spirit living in human form. Raised in wealth down the street from the Forbes estate only to become a single mother on food stamps, Mary has lived on both sides of the track and brings wisdom from the depths of suicide, drug abuse, and ultimately victory in business, life, and spirituality.

So tune in and don’t miss this passionate conversation on why wealth is our birthright and how we can fight for our right to reclaim it.


  • We are eternal beings that can transcend anything
  • The value of having a strong spiritual practice
  • Pivoting and becoming an agent of God
  • “God wants us to be wealthy” - the spiritual aspect of money
  • Why wealth is our birthright
  • Becoming aligned and embodied with why we were created


“The divine allows us to have these horrible experiences so that we can transform and get the golden nuggets that are inherently in it.” “It is our birthright to be wealthy so that we can change the world.”

“We have a duty to get as wealthy as possible. But the first step is to master the meaning of life, which is that spiritual path. Wealth without a divine purpose is not only meaningless, it's lethal.”


Mary Huang

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Well worth it. Dr. Gayle Myers offers practical and inspiring insights for our individual healing journeys. A rare podcast where I listen to episodes again. So start or swing back to the beginning as content builds week to week. She has a welcome interview style as she lets her guests speak and her voice is soothing, gentle yet firm. You can heal and be patient!

Toyohiko K
Health Conscious Living Podcast

Dr Gayle’s voice is so soothing it instantly grounds me into my body. Thank goodness there is a beacon here that can help us slow down and go deep.

Queen Mary Tan
Health Conscious Living Podcast

I am grateful for Dr Gayle Meyers and her holistic approach. She helped me find comfort and balance after experiencing two years of chronic pain and discomfort that traditional medicine could not help me overcome.The podcast series provides real life examples of challenges that all humans encounter. Hugely informative for the healing journey.Thank you Gayle.

SMS Reconnaissant
Health Conscious Living Podcast

I found the podcasts very refreshing and well prepared

TM Night
Health Conscious Living Podcast
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