Hyper-Independent Women Submitting to Their Femininity with Ashley MolinaRich In Real Life

Hyper-Independent Women Submitting to Their Femininity with Ashley Molina

As entrepreneurs, leaders, and businesswomen, we often don’t see the benefit of our feelings, emotions, and anything that people these days would call feminine. Our “soft side” did not get us “here,” so we take a step back from what we don’t find useful anymore. But is there a way to balance being a partner, mom, and boss and find harmony between these two energies?

Tune in as Jess welcomes fellow entrepreneur Ashley Molina to share her story of unraveling to find her feminine and how she got there when all she knew was survival in masculine energy.


  • Can you balance your feminine and masculine energy?
  • Why relationships are about the submission of two people
  • Learning the art of surrender
  • What is the predictive index?
  • How to come home to yourself and flow
  • Bringing the feminine into leadership, business, and home


“You're just one person trying to balance everything out. But the balance is, everything is not having 100% every single day. And that's the reality of it.”

“Guess what gets compromised in the process? Our sanity, our femininity, our family, our partners, our friendships, our ability to love, our ability to connect - because I don't have time to connect with you. I'm trying to change these numbers!”


Ashley Molina

IG | instagram.com/a__doseofashley


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One of the highlights of my week is to hear from Jessica’s transparent insights into personal development! She keeps it fun and drops so many gems in terms of shifting your mindset and unlocking your greatest potential!! I’ve learned so much and I’m so grateful for The Stranded Podcast! ❤️

Christine Frego
Rich In Real Life

This episode was a TOTAL reality check for myself, very real and very eye opening! Keep doing your thing Jessica, I love your podcast!

Dionna A. Miller
Rich In Real Life

The best podcast Ever ! Very inspiring!! Thank you Jessica

Rich In Real Life

I recently discovered Jessica’s podcast after she interviewed someone I follow on IG. Loved her vibe and style of interviewing so after that episode I decided to listen to her others and she’s awesome! If you are in a state of I don’t know what I want and need some inspo or just some good personal development or even some tough love that will get you right. Listen to her ! ❤️

Rich In Real Life
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