How To Achieve Full Alignment In Your Career -  Navigating Your Path & Building a Strategic VisionMultifaceted AF

How To Achieve Full Alignment In Your Career - Navigating Your Path & Building a Strategic Vision

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In this solo episode, Kae taps into her coaching bag and talks about how she has navigated her career path, her personal realizations from working in various roles and industries, and the ways she professionally develops herself to be in full alignment with her career.

With a personal mission to evolve into her highest self through constant evolution, Kae shares the significance of leveraging transferable skills and identifying synergies which is reflected in her passion for providing career coaching to ambitious, multi-passionate goal seekers to ensure that they get the guidance and resources needed to identify their own career objectives, set goals, and define their personalized step by step career advancement strategy. Tune in and learn how to analyze your vision and turn it into a meaningful and actionable professional development plan!

Kae introduces us to her Career Journey Mapping Worksheet, a visual organizer that helps you deconstruct your career journey as a first step to navigating your way to the next role or future career you desire. Listen in and discover why promotion is not always the ONLY strategic move, ways to improve your career profile, and options to enhance your learning journey from additional education to training certifications!

So, don’t miss out on this episode with Kae, and may you continue showing up as your authentic self & taking up space in your career journey today!


  • Reinventing herself as a modern-day mom & career woman
  • Ways that helped towards achieving desired career path
  • Career journey map: pivoting in career planning & professional development
  • Leveraging your career profile with additional education
  • Assess your short-term and long-term goals
  • Why promotion is not always the only strategic move
  • Tips on how to improve your skills, learning, and education
  • How her passion led to career coaching
  • Book your blitz session with Kae & Co. Consulting!


“I'm a firm believer that the first step in forming a successful strategy is really having a very clear understanding of where you are so that you can start to navigate where you want to be.” – Kae Ricketts

“It's not about where you're doing the work. It's about the transferable skills, and kind of the competencies that you acquire, and gain and strengthen when you're in the different roles.” – Kae Ricketts


Download a copy of the Career Journey Mapping worksheet here.

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