Conscious parenting with Douglas WoodruffDeeply Connected

Conscious parenting with Douglas Woodruff

Welcome back to Deeply Connected! In this episode, your host Ludmila is thrilled to have her beloved husband, Douglas Woodruff as today’s special guest! Together, they emphasize the significance of setting boundaries, showing respect, and implementing consequences when it comes to parenting. They also discuss how their own childhood experiences shape their roles as parents in their household.

With the aim to shed light on intentional-conscious parenting, they invite you to join them on their journey. Ludmila & Douglas share their experiences as first-time parents, including the challenges they’ve faced and the valuable lessons and realizations they have learned about disciplining children. Listen to their honest take on how they balance their relationship dynamic as first-time parents despite growing up in a different state of the household, and learn how you can also emotionally connect with your kids by not being permissive or reactive as a parent.

Don’t miss out on this episode and listen to this heartwarming conversation of embracing the world of parenthood with Ludmila and Douglas today!


  • How parenting dynamic is influenced by how parents raised us
  • The vital role of recognizing negative emotions
  • Being intentional is key in parenting
  • Difference between consequences & boundaries
  • Ludmila’s realizations on reactive parenting
  • Evolutionary progress: Growing with yourself, your partner & kids
  • The need to support your child’s choices
  • Embrace your child’s different preference
  • Importance of exposing kids to diverse experiences


“At some point, I was feeling lost because I'm trying to use the same tactics. ‘Be grateful and be respectful. And I demand respect; this is misbehavior.” - Ludmila Woodruff

“When we speak about conscious or intentional parenting, we don't mean permissive. We don't mean do whatever you want to do.” - Ludmila Woodruff

“Everyone has to find out what that is for their children, for their children to blossom – what kind of environment they need to be in to thrive?” - Douglas Woodruff

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Some of the best relationship guidance and support you’ll ever get from a podcast! 🔥🔥🔥

Kristina Aguilera
Deeply Connected

As a Myofascial Release Therapist, I’ve known there’s always more to the mental, energy aspect of things.I coached with Ludmila for 3 months and can’t recommend her enough.She has helped me grow my personal and my business life!I’m so excited she started these podcasts! She’s got such wonderful information!

AllStar MFR
Deeply Connected

Amazing Coach & Podcast!!! 💕 Everyone Needs A Ludmila In Their Lives.

Deeply Connected

She offers a way to reframe the practice of healing and self love as a journey. It makes sense in a way that a lot of podcasters can’t. She really makes me want to try one on one coaching and I’ve always been a therapy girl, highly recommend you listen.

Deeply Connected
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