Chief-Mom-Officer Balancing Babies & Business [R6]Six Figure Certified Coach

Chief-Mom-Officer Balancing Babies & Business [R6]

Women still have to make a lot of choices when it comes to kids, childbearing, and work, with the question of “can I really have it all” still lingering over many women’s heads today. So in this episode, Olivia, the CMO of motherhood, and Katie discuss raising children while also raising your business. Do kids actually help with accountability, time management, and efficiency? Or are you left feeling drained with an empty cup at the end of each day?


  • Is it possible to raise children and a business at the same time?
  • Why having kids optimized Olivia’s schedule
  • Does your business nourish you? Or drain you?
  • Can women really have it all?
  • How to shift your excuses into opportunities


“I definitely can't become an entrepreneur because what if I also get pregnant or what if whatever...But I feel like having kids has been one of the biggest things that's kept me accountable to myself.”

“We need to stop turning obstacles into excuses and turn them into the why.”


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What an honor it is to have been apart of this podcast, and Katie did a PHENOMENAL job of allowing me to say what I really needed to share with the world. Listening is a HUGE thing to me, and I felt so HEARD and validated, thank you ladies for continuing this work!! Please keep the episodes coming!! ❤️👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

Six Figure Certified Coach

In a world where everyone talks about how far they’ve come without disclosing how they got there, this podcast is a breath of fresh air. The stories are real and the takeaways are even realer. I have wasted a lot of time listening to podcasts that I got nothing from. This was the complete opposite. Every time a new episode drops, I’m ready! I love listening to Katie and Liv. Give them a listen, I think you’ll love them too!?

Deven Lee
Six Figure Certified Coach

Every episode of the Six Figure Certified Coach is so inspiring. From the amazing stories to the valuable nuggets of information - you get so much out of each episode! If you want to build your coaching business to six figures and beyond, you need to listen and subscribe to this podcast!

Six Figure Certified Coach

I love all of the episodes! I really appreciate the way we get to hear how each guest started their coaching journey and how their business grows and changes as they do. The questions Katie & Liv ask evoke great answers that are insightful, informative and inspiring! IGC continues to deliver excellence!

Mary Addison Y
Six Figure Certified Coach
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