Chasing Community & Connection with Amy SangsterSINCE3000

Chasing Community & Connection with Amy Sangster

In this episode of the podcast, we are joined by Amy Sangster, a serial entrepreneur and community builder who has made it her life’s work to connect and empower people around the world. Amy is the founder of several successful businesses, including Unemployed Insiders, a financial education platform that has helped thousands of people achieve financial freedom, and Member Up, a customizable, easy to use, all in one platform where you can build a premium course, community, or membership site, without the tech headache.

But we aren’t here to simply talk content creation…

Tune in as Amy shares her story of being stuck in a system teaching her how to support someone else’s business to making 10,000 dollars in 15 minutes, going viral as the “22-year Old Girl Buys Lamborghini.”

So don’t miss this conversation on learning the power of connection, community, and how you can create financial freedom to buy back your time.


“I was kind of ingrained with the inability to settle. And I could not settle for something that wasn't fulfilling, no matter if it was providing me stability or money or anything. I could not settle.”

“I learned that no matter what you have, it doesn’t matter if you don't have the time to enjoy it. That's the most important thing.”


  • The turning point in Amy’s professional life and perspective (5:08)
  • Searching for community and going viral (13:19)
  • Amy’s most powerful marketing tool hack (17:51)
  • How much “goodness” comes out of community (25:13)
  • What is MembersUp and who is it for? (46:50)


Amy Sangster


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Danielle is a powerhouse and infinite being. Watching her show up as all that she is and watching her build is life giving ! She is a living embodiment of what generational wealth and healing is meant to look like. Thank you Danielle and all the guests for building the future through your essences. So many authentic entrepreneurs and healers, speakers etc are going to benefit from listening to this.

Hemma H

Thank you for reminding us what we already know deep within. We a creators! Looking forward to more. Peace


Getting into the mind of Danielle Leslie and other visionaries in her world is nothing short of amazing! I love hearing her journey to becoming her most fully expressed self and how understanding how to decipher your unique voice in a noisy environment is key to making the impact you were meant to make. This podcast is so inspiring and definitely a must-listen!


Powerful message for understanding the wisdom of the collective experience we’ve had. From identity to strategic forecasting - Danielle rocks this show! Tune IN! 🔥🔥

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