Work Hard, Play Hard, and Look Fabulous with Janai WraySINCE3000

Work Hard, Play Hard, and Look Fabulous with Janai Wray

One of the most creative people Danielle knows, Janai Wray is not only a designer and the founder of the Broken Land brand but a successful NYC attorney. A true master of her crafts, she joins this episode to share what a day in the life of Janai looks like, why she keeps no secrets when it comes to business, and what she sees in the future of fashion.S

o tune in and don’t miss how Janai is designing for the new age of entrepreneurs and changing the trajectory of what women are “supposed to do” through fashion.


“I'm always just trying to share information that can help people because when I look at my trajectory from law school and getting my first job and all of those processes, I see how many people were involved. It wasn't just based on academics and stuff like that. Getting these positions is always based on relationships.” - JanaiWray


  • The inspiration behind Broken Land (5:42)
  • What drew Janai to become a lawyer as well as a designer? (9:34)
  • Who does Janai design for? (17:08)
  • How did Janai learn to collaborate with big stars? (21:20)
  • Does Janai believe in keeping trade secrets? (26:59)
  • Where is fashion heading? (30:45)


Janai Wray

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Thank you for reminding us what we already know deep within. We a creators! Looking forward to more. Peace


Absolutely loving each episode, so fun and I’m learning so much! Excited to tune into future episodes!!

Kelly Lynn Adams

I"ve been following Danielle awhile and in a sea of podcast conformity it's refreshing to see a podcast that leverages time (which she understands doesn't really exist and our desired future is already here now!) Kudos Danielle


The authenticity of saying yes, I mean (Yeeeeeesssss!) as you listen and feel the vibration between Danielle and her guests is just the Best!! Truly great I’m about to listen in again ! Thank you Danielle!!

Erik Reptile Guy
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