The Science of Being Yourself with Paige MichelleSINCE3000

The Science of Being Yourself with Paige Michelle

Today’s guest has built multimillion-dollar businesses, gone viral on TikTok, become a human design aficionado, and is literally “Paid 2 Exist.” So while we can discuss business strategy, monetizing followers, or navigating our relationship with ourselves and others, Paige Michelle joins Danielle to discuss why she always unwaveringly shows up as her full self online, in business, and at home.

So tune in as Paige and Danielle get real about finding comfort in discomfort, coping mechanisms versus strategies, and why our human design is really just a way to stop judging ourselves for who we were born to be and gives us a route to be more of who we truly are.


“The next level version of myself cannot be available for anybody else's opinion, or it will completely hinder the work I have to do in the world and the work that I get to do in the world.” - Paige Michelle

“We are taught first, what you have to do, and so I've done all these things. And it wasn't until I made the money that I was exposed to the people who said, the most important question is, who are you?” - Paige Michelle

“That's how we close the wealth gap and the poverty levels. It's by people being who they are but monetizing who they are. And we have to shift our entire paradigm around that. And that's what human design is, the paradigm shift of value.” - Paige Michelle


  • What’s missing in the creator economy conversation? (8:54)
  • Why you need to accept your full self (12:22)
  • Removing shame around regulating strategies (17:35)
  • The importance of self-awareness and observation (29:50)
  • How to understand the emotional spectrum (33:59)
  • Showing up authentically online as a successful strategy (41:24)
  • The identity and ownership economy (56:40)


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I’ve followed Danielle’s career since the very beginning and this program seems to catapult her in to the next echelon of leadership and entrepreneurship education. I am particularly interested in the new definition of Success and the way it supports transition from the Newtonian age thinking to Quantum age thinking. I’m buckled up!

prince zuko4

I"ve been following Danielle awhile and in a sea of podcast conformity it's refreshing to see a podcast that leverages time (which she understands doesn't really exist and our desired future is already here now!) Kudos Danielle


Since3000 is 🔥🔥🔥Danielle’s playful, yet insightful reflection on her past, present and future self will elicit you to do the same, while time traveling on this new adventure w/ her and her guests. This is not just another podcast.


One of my new fav pods 🤗

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