Living Now to Meet Your Future Self with Grace LeeSINCE3000

Living Now to Meet Your Future Self with Grace Lee

From competitive eater to serial entrepreneur who knows how to create a life well-lived, Grace Lee joins Danielle in this conversation about staying curious, open, and approaching life as the most romantic adventure.

From her upbringing as a child of immigrant parents to being stuck in a cornfield COVID bubble with Dave Chappelle to selling her business and seeking a challenge, don’t miss this inspirational episode on always living your best life with Grace Lee.


“We all have really bad days that just sometimes get really frustrating. But I think for me, the excitement and the potential of every moment, every thing that you can do, it can change your life forever.” - Grace Lee

“I just believe stress is a choice that we don't have to partake in. And that has really changed my entire life.” - Grace Lee

“The most empowering thing that I have learned in this journey recently is rediscovering or owning my no. So I say no, a lot. Now happily. Because no is a full sentence that I feel really good about exercising.” - Grace Lee


  • Grace Lee’s axle-changing moment (7:33)
  • Intentionally living now to meet your future self (13:40)
  • “All business is people business” (20:49)
  • The empowerment of choice (28:14)
  • Why COVID and cancer were “the best thing that happened” to Grace (37:43)
  • Finding and practicing your no (56:06)


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Danielle! I love your new show!! You do all of this online—while I do it, telepathically (via TheVisCom ™) #OversoulSistars


I can’t get enough of Since3000. It’s a safe space for entrepreneurs, deep thinkers or anyone attempting to break through the mold. It reflects on our collective thought processes, challenges, hardships, life-changes, obstacles and how solution-based thinking can overcome it everytime. One of challenges is waking up, having to be your own cheerleader everyday—this platform provokes thought in the power of embodying strength instilled from your past, your present and things to come. So many people died and instilled lessons engrained into us as vessels and there’s so much power in that. Paired with strategic processes of today and envisioning all possible realities for the future , there’s nothing we can’t do. Since3000 communicates this in a young, fresh, effective space, unbiased space. I can also relate to the dynamics between Danielle and her mom. I love the bit about triggers & the intimate downsides of entrepreneurship that we don’t get to communicate because they’re truly isolating spaces. Love this channel. Definitely thinking to explore NFTs!

carmen sandiego 323

Since3000 is 🔥🔥🔥Danielle’s playful, yet insightful reflection on her past, present and future self will elicit you to do the same, while time traveling on this new adventure w/ her and her guests. This is not just another podcast.


THANK YOU! I am on journey of understanding self and this podcast is speaking to me already! It has touched my heart in so many ways! I am on a journey to live in the certainty of my future but the idea of the past present and future cohesion 🤯I have always been an ambitious over achiever but when I don’t excel in something I give it up for fear of not living up to the standards I have set. Key takeaway number one stop hiding yourself. And stop judging yourself for judging yourself LOL oh my goodness I can relate to that! The freedom of being me unapologetically is a tell tale sign that I have done just that in my every day.💃🏾Key take away number two. There is no measuring stick other then have you been yourself today. This journey of who am I is so important and crucial at this time in my life. The idea of not measuring my life but acknowledging my freedom to be me and doing just that is again so pivotal and super important. Such a key detail I didn’t know I needed!I have always been shamed for flirting without a purpose, having a bubbly personality. I was dumped because of it and lost friends because they understand me. Key Takeaway number three. Flirt with life! How dare I let others judge me in such a way that I shame myself for making people smile with no ulterior motive! Just because I’m happy 😊 it’s insane that the judgment and the shame I felt and embodied affected me so aggressively. Not only should I thrive in that but I should rejoice in it to.This podcast doesn’t give life, it is life!!!!! Thank you 😊 I appreciate you!!! I am so ready for this. As an entrepreneur working towards my own definition of success these jewels and gems and platinum nuggets are priceless, needed, and are so valuable! I can’t thank you enough and j look forward to replaying them catching things I didn’t hear before and tuning in to the upcoming episodes!It’s 2023 LET’S GO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Spiced caramel
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