Living Now to Meet Your Future Self with Grace LeeSINCE3000

Living Now to Meet Your Future Self with Grace Lee

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From competitive eater to serial entrepreneur who knows how to create a life well-lived, Grace Lee joins Danielle in this conversation about staying curious, open, and approaching life as the most romantic adventure.

From her upbringing as a child of immigrant parents to being stuck in a cornfield COVID bubble with Dave Chappelle to selling her business and seeking a challenge, don’t miss this inspirational episode on always living your best life with Grace Lee.


“We all have really bad days that just sometimes get really frustrating. But I think for me, the excitement and the potential of every moment, every thing that you can do, it can change your life forever.” - Grace Lee

“I just believe stress is a choice that we don't have to partake in. And that has really changed my entire life.” - Grace Lee

“The most empowering thing that I have learned in this journey recently is rediscovering or owning my no. So I say no, a lot. Now happily. Because no is a full sentence that I feel really good about exercising.” - Grace Lee


  • Grace Lee’s axle-changing moment (7:33)
  • Intentionally living now to meet your future self (13:40)
  • “All business is people business” (20:49)
  • The empowerment of choice (28:14)
  • Why COVID and cancer were “the best thing that happened” to Grace (37:43)
  • Finding and practicing your no (56:06)


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One of my new fav pods 🤗


I’m so proud of Danielle! CFS member here and she has helped me live in the future and embrace the present! This is great content but has always been her energy! These podcast episodes are refreshing, positive and an ENTIRE vibe! Keep going queen!


Danielle is a powerhouse and infinite being. Watching her show up as all that she is and watching her build is life giving ! She is a living embodiment of what generational wealth and healing is meant to look like. Thank you Danielle and all the guests for building the future through your essences. So many authentic entrepreneurs and healers, speakers etc are going to benefit from listening to this.

Hemma H

I listened to all three in one sitting. I love how real and down to earth she is. She makes me feel like I too can fulfill my dreams and be my own person on my own terms and have fun doing it. Plus, she’s a Oaktown girl like I am so that makes it even more enjoyable to listen to her. Keep doing your thing Ms. Danielle!

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