A New Generation of Emotional Awareness Here/Now with Jasmine FuegoSINCE3000

A New Generation of Emotional Awareness Here/Now with Jasmine Fuego

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Jasmine Fuego is a modern-day renaissance woman with a background in art, community, building, teaching, and personal development. Tapped into the cultural zeitgeist of today, she is also the writer, producer, and star of Here/Now - a live-action variety show based in mindfulness, taking the science behind emotions and making it practical and accessible to children and specifically children of color.

But Jasmine wasn’t always the emotionally aware guru she is today…

Tune in as she joins Danielle to share how she learned to say no without explanation, how to say yes with intention, and how she overcame imposter syndrome. Be sure not to miss this episode full of fire, gems, laughs, and healing with professional hype queen and disruptor Jasmine Fuego.


“Realizing the power of my no gave so much more power to my yes. And I learned how to say no with authority and with grace.” - Jasmine Fuego

“Every single day that this project continues to grow, my practice of showing up for myself and believing in myself and betting on myself has to get stronger.”- Jasmine Fuego

“Ultimately, emotions do live, birth, and exit through the body. And if we stay in the cerebral, we're never going to get the true lessons, and the gifts, or truly expel them from our body.” - Jasmine Fuego


  • Jasmine’s magical summer of getting intentional(4:30)
  • The birth of the Here/Now children’s show (10:06)
  • Music, representation, and Jasmine’s favorite character in Here/Now (21:41)
  • What inspired Jasmine to teach about emotional awareness? (32:27)
  • Telling your story in humility and power (39:36)
  • Why you need to navigate emotions verbally, cerebrally, and physically (45:00)
  • The difference between Instagram and TikTok culture (51:01)


Jasmine Fuego


IG | instagram.com/jasminefuego


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This is so powerful! Just a reminder that it is POSSIBLE! Can’t wait for the rest of the episodes! Go DL go! Go Robert go! Vibesssss

your community resource

Danielle Leslie did it again!! She really took us on time-traveling journey!! The guests are incredible. The way she listened, the questions she asked, and the gems she dropped…I’m just blown away. This is definitely the best podcast I have listened to. I can’t wait for the next episodes to drop!


I"ve been following Danielle awhile and in a sea of podcast conformity it's refreshing to see a podcast that leverages time (which she understands doesn't really exist and our desired future is already here now!) Kudos Danielle


Danielle is a powerhouse and infinite being. Watching her show up as all that she is and watching her build is life giving ! She is a living embodiment of what generational wealth and healing is meant to look like. Thank you Danielle and all the guests for building the future through your essences. So many authentic entrepreneurs and healers, speakers etc are going to benefit from listening to this.

Hemma H
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