Aligning Your Life & Values to Make Purpose-Driven Impact with Delrae MesserSix Figure Certified Coach

Aligning Your Life & Values to Make Purpose-Driven Impact with Delrae Messer

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The most honest part of any journey is in those challenging moments when all you want to do is quit and ask “why is this happening to me.” So how do we know when to persevere or when it’s time to embrace the shifts?

In this episode, Liv gets down to the “truth truth” with impact investor and entrepreneur DelRae Messer. Tune in as DelRae shares her story of unlearning, trusting her gut, and re-rooting herself in service and contribution to others. Because we all have what we need to make the impact we desire. We just need to learn how to maximize it!


  • Do you validate your worth through achievements?
  • Are you enjoying the process, not just the end result?
  • How do you know when it’s time to shift gears?
  • Why you need to get clear on YOUR values
  • What is impact investing and conscious capitalism?
  • The secret that changed the course of Del Rae’s life


“I had a big identity shift and continue to understand that if we wrote our identity in what's next or in an achievement and that all goes away, we're left wondering who we are.”

“So many of us are unhappy and unfulfilled because we don't really know what our values are. And if we did that, we'd be able to draw boundaries in such a different way and make decisions with so much clarity and certainty.”

“It's little things like that, that I believe give women power. And it gives us an opportunity to say, listen, if equality isn't going to happen overnight, here's how we can expedite it. Women's vote for the dollar is really powerful.”


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I love listening to this podcast! Katie and Liv bring their coaching, business expertise, and a whole slew of successful female coaches and entrepreneurs into the conversation. They discuss a variety of topics, life challenges, and share tips and tricks. Must- have inspiration for life coaches, new or established!

Amanda Flynn
Six Figure Certified Coach

Love all of the relatable stories and actionable tips on building a six figure coaching business’

Six Figure Certified Coach

LOVE this podcast! Katie and Olivia share amazing stories about their own experiences and how to get yourself together for your business! A MUST for any female entrepreneurs 🙌

Six Figure Certified Coach

I love all of the episodes! I really appreciate the way we get to hear how each guest started their coaching journey and how their business grows and changes as they do. The questions Katie & Liv ask evoke great answers that are insightful, informative and inspiring! IGC continues to deliver excellence!

Mary Addison Y
Six Figure Certified Coach

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