Why isn't America better in the World Cup?The Sportsclusive Podcast

Why isn't America better in the World Cup?

The United States undoubtedly has some of the best athletes in the world. A “fact” your host, Tiberius Clark, will fight you over. So why is it that when it comes to soccer and the World Cup, the US has fallen short? How are we still not dominating or at least doing better?

Tune in as Kenneth shares his thoughts on soccer in the US and wants your take on America in the World Cup.


  • Is soccer simply a prerequisite sport in the US?
  • The lack of a true talent pipeline in and out of the US
  • Why soccer is not an American sport


“This is going to sound a little arrogant, a little snobbish, because I'm an American, but soccer is not an American sport. Simply put, Americans love American made things.” - Kenneth “Tiberius” Clark


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