The World of Water Polo with Paola VizcarraThe Sportsclusive Podcast

The World of Water Polo with Paola Vizcarra

Soccer, hockey, basketball, football, and…water polo?

Admittedly, your host knows little about this aquatic sport outside of watching the Olympics, so in this episode, he sits down with professional water polo player Paola Vizcarra to break down the sport and shed some light on this physically demanding game.

So what are the rules? What are the positions, and how are they played? What makes a strong water polo player? Tune in for these answers and more!


  • How did Paola get introduced to water polo?
  • When did Paola make the switch from a 2-sport athlete to water polo?
  • What are the rules of water polo?
  • Why you have to be strong and quick to survive water polo
  • Competing in Europe versus the US
  • Bringing awareness to water polo and its future


“Water polo doesn't discriminate against anyone. If you're short, that's good. If you're tall, that's really good. If you're skinny, that's good too.”


Paola Vizcarra

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