Show Up Authentically and Others Will Follow Suit with Conan HarrisMultifaceted AF

Show Up Authentically and Others Will Follow Suit with Conan Harris

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rom the White House to the block, Conan Harris always shows up as his most authentic self. And in this episode, he shares his mission to guide others not only to show up as their most genuine selves but to know that they are good enough to do so.

So tune in as Conan and Kae speak to the importance of representation, building wealth, and why we deserve to do good work, take care of our families, and live comfortably.


  • Why Conan unwaveringly shows up as his authentic self
  • The importance of representation and safe spaces
  • What is the legacy Conan wants to leave behind?
  • How coaching chose Conan
  • Letting go of a life of duty to focus on building wealth


“When I think about multifaceted, it's really about how I show up being my authentic self in every space. And I think that in different spaces, I found myself in a lot of different uniforms, but I'm always authentically me.” - Conan Harris

“Once that light is on, you can't turn it off even if you try.” - Conan Harris


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