Owning Your Unfiltered & Multifaceted Story with Lindsey BriggsMultifaceted AF

Owning Your Unfiltered & Multifaceted Story with Lindsey Briggs

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In this episode, Kae welcomes her very first guest, mompreneur, and expert digital storyteller Lindsey Briggs! With a passion for creating content that embodies depth and serves as a catalyst for life-changing conversations, Lindsey joins Multifaceted AF to discuss her mission to give voice not only to triumph but to the difficulties behind success and entrepreneurship.

From embracing the struggle to balancing grace and accountability, lean in to this conversation about forgoing the story of instant success and sharing your unfiltered voice and story with Lindsey Briggs.


  • Giving voice to the trial and error behind success
  • What does multifaceted mean to Lindsey?
  • “Everything’s not going to be easy”
  • The importance of authentic representation for women
  • How Social U Digital was born
  • Leaning into community and what makes you feel good


“Every successful person has a story - has a sad story but also a joyful story at the same time.” - Lindsey Briggs

“You got to do what you got to do, even if you don't want to do it at the same time. Everything's not gonna be easy. And you need to embrace that, block out the noise, and embrace that everything isn't going to be easy.” - Lindsey Briggs


Lindsey Briggs

IG | instagram.com/lindseydbriggs socialudigital.com

IG | instagram.com/socialudigital


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