Take Charge of Your Brain with Dr. Philippe DouyonSurviving Your Brain

Take Charge of Your Brain with Dr. Philippe Douyon

In this premier episode of the Surviving Your Brain Podcast, your host Dr. Philippe Douyon, M.D. shares the inspiration & motivation behind his Doctor Career pursuit in neurology. Tune in as Dr. Douyon sheds light on the power of your brain, how it works, and the ways we can rewire it without prescribing a single pill.

On a mission to empower you, Dr. Douyon shares insights and tools that will revolutionize the way your view your mindset patterns and behaviors. In this episode, you will soon learn that you no longer have to simply survive your brain, you can take charge of it.

With incredible guests lined up for the next episodes, stay tuned to this podcast for some impactful conversations about the ways in which brain development & care have the power to impact all facets of your life such as mental illness, Alzheimer’s disease, sleep, finances, and so much more.


  • The power of preventative care in Neurology
  • Your brain issue could just be a stress issue
  • The struggles & stresses that potentially contribute to medical or neurological issues
  • Understanding your professional and personal stressors
  • How to become the leader you want to be by rewiring your brain
  • The brain is like a two-year-old child: beautifully complex, and powerful, yet tends to tantrums when triggered
  • Ways to be mentally healthy, and change your life
  • How to take charge of your brain


“I set out to do this podcast, the surviving your brain podcast, because I see people every day, living in fear, and living with limited beliefs. And to me, that is the brain sort of in charge of their life.” - Philippe Douyon“

If you can take this brain that is so incredibly powerful, be the leader that it needs to charge of the spring, then you can transform your life for the better.” - Philippe Douyon


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Surviving your Brain podcast is nothing short of amazing and so inspiring! Listening to Dr. Douyon’s stories had inspired me to be the leader that my brain needs me to be. I have learned that I have the ability to change my life by simply changing the way that I think and utilizing Dr. Douyon’s proven strategies and taking his online course. This podcast is must listen/see! Can’t wait for her episodes to be released!

Just LonnieD
Surviving Your Brain

Amazing! Dr. Douyon does an excellent job of helping you shift your mindset. After listening to Surviving Your Brain, I found myself being more conscientious of my thoughts; Dr. Douyon’s teachings have helped me to elevate my perspective and build a positive mindset. I find myself listening each morning (yes, listening to the week’s episode repeatedly and amazed that I learn something new with each replay). Surviving Your Brain is full of valuable information and insight can’t wait for the next episode.

Mrs. Singleton
Surviving Your Brain

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