Myths about Men Part 3Triggered AF Podcast

Myths about Men Part 3

It’s the final installment of the Triggered AF mini-series “Myths About Men” with your hosts Alechia Reese and Dani Foster! In this rapid-fire episode, special guest Just Mike the Poet gives his unique perspective on some questions submitted by you, our faithful listeners! Listen in as he discusses relationship spillover, loving a man into a proposal, and much more!

Don’t miss these final pearls of wisdom to better our understanding of each other and to heal from those often misunderstood triggers. And let us know what you think! Connect with Triggered AF and tell us what you want to hear next!


  • How to get your boyfriend to propose
  • Do ultimatums actually work?
  • Just Mike The Poet’s advice on how to attract a man
  • Ways women can de-escalate an aggressive situation


“Turn up the fear or turn up the love.”

​​”Never turn other people's failures or missteps into your own personal attack on your own character because what they eat does not make you shit.”


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This show is such a great listen for young and mature women to let you know you 1) no you’re not crazy 2) you’re no alone 3) your feelings matter. Thank you Alechia & Dani for your real and raw conversations. This should be a TV show!

Triggered AF Podcast

Even from a man’s viewpoint, this show was indeed very insightful and thought provoking.

Complex Graphics
Triggered AF Podcast

Just wow! I’ve listened to every episode and each one has helped me in some way. I’m really clear on what it is I want and what it is I need now.

FL-NY Traveler
Triggered AF Podcast

This podcast talks about topics that are absolutely taboo, but in a way that invites you to grow and learn with them. They don’t pretend to know everything, ANDDD bring in people we can all learn from! Subscribe now, follow now, and listen to every word! This podcast is EVERYTHING!!

Triggered AF Podcast
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