Marchánt Davis On Forgiveness, Never “Making It,” and the Joy in Imperfectionhuman2human

Marchánt Davis On Forgiveness, Never “Making It,” and the Joy in Imperfection

In this episode, actor and author Marchánt Davis gets human to human about self forgiveness, learning to balance the uncertainties that come with our careers, and his first children's book - The Boy and His Mirror. A tribute to all the women who loved him into being, tune in as Marchánt shares more about the inspiration behind his first book, how he is consistently negotiating what forgiveness looks like for himself, and why he always likes to stay curious.

Has Marchánt Davis “made it”?
Marchánt’s evolving negotiation with forgiveness
Learning to say no and honoring your boundaries
We are infinite beings in an infinite universe
What inspired The Boy and His Mirror?
Navigating the fear of not knowing what’s next

“I guess I'm just constantly forgiving myself in knowing that I am an imperfect being.” - Marchánt Davis

Marchánt Davis
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Stacy’s ability to connect with her guests and creating a safe space for them to tell their stories is so special. Her passion and purpose are clear as day in the work she does. This isn’t your ordinary podcast by any means.

Khaila Ariel

Hands down one of the best podcast I listen to! Love the conversations and genuine spirit of the host!


SOOO AMAZING!! In love!!


Stacy Ike is such a wonderful host and always brings the most interesting guests. I love listening to all of the knowledge and free game they share!

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