From Resolutions to Reflections: The Year in Reviewhuman2human

From Resolutions to Reflections: The Year in Review

We made it and alone is worth celebrating! Join Stacy as she reflects on the lessons, experiences and interpersonal relationships of 2023 and give yourself the space to ask the questions, listen to your answers, and design a plan on how you can move forward in the year ahead.

Happy Happy Holidays, wishing you an incredible New Year!


What did you learn about your own capacity for resilience and perseverance?

What aspects of your life brought you joy or moments of solace in tough times?

What steps can you take to continue your personal and professional growth?

Habits and behaviors helping or inhibiting your growth

Are you nurturing your relationships?

Lessons learned, blind spots, and moving forward

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Stacy’s ability to connect with her guests and creating a safe space for them to tell their stories is so special. Her passion and purpose are clear as day in the work she does. This isn’t your ordinary podcast by any means.

Khaila Ariel

Stacy has real conversations with some pretty incredible people & you need to check out this podcast immediately!


Amazing! Human 2 Human is one of the best podcast out


Stacy is ICONIC and a true pro. I feel soooooo lucky to call her a friend and this podcast is EVERYTHING I needed and more. These guests are BOMB wow. Subscribe NOW.

Alle Pierce
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