10 Powerful Questions For Your Mid Year Reflectionshuman2human

10 Powerful Questions For Your Mid Year Reflections

The first six months of the year are behind us, and now is the perfect time to reflect on what’s been happening. What do you love? What don’t you love? Where might you need to pivot?

There’s no rule saying we have to wait until December to have this conversation with ourselves. And there is definitely no rule saying that whatever we set in January must continue throughout the year. So join Stacy as she reflects on the lessons and experiences of her year thus far and give yourself the space to ask the questions, listen to your answers, and design a plan on how you can move forward in the months ahead.

Have you achieved the goals you set in January?
What has made you the happiest thus far?
How did you handle the challenges and surprises encountered?
Stacy’s favorite books and podcasts in the last 6 months
Habits and behaviors helping or inhibiting your growth
Are you nurturing your relationships?
Why investing in your rest and self-care is productive
Lessons learned, blind spots, and moving forward

“Just because you started a certain way doesn't mean that's how you have to end. You want to make sure that you take the time and remember that you deserve the time to reflect within yourself on the experiences you've had and where you want to go.” - Stacy Ike

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What can I say? Real conversations, real vulnerability, real transparency. If you’re searching, learning and growing, this podcast and show is a great guide and companion. And hearing my faves on this show share more of themselves has been a real treat. Love that this is in podcast form.


If you’re in need of a good insightful heart check and mindset recharge, look no further. Happily subscribed and love to listen to her choice of guests and the why behind their invitation. So good!


A great podcast that facilitates vulnerable conversations. Topics are real and so relatable! Love the guest Stacy has on the show. Definitely a must listen!


I find myself pausing for a second to answer these questions and I’ve grown through this podcast.

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