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Little Fish Turns 5!

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Today is a special day in our little corner of the world as it is the 100th episode of Fish Food! And what better time to honor this labor of love than Little Fish’s 5-year anniversary!

Tune in as Keila shares some insight on Little Fish’s growth, where they started, where they are now, and what we can expect in the future. Plus, a little bonus from members of the Little Fish team that you don’t typically hear from!

So lean in and join Keila and Little Fish’s journey of pivots, changes, and figuring out how they can best serve you and their clients!


  • Why entrepreneurship is not what Keila thought it was!
  • How Little Fish was born
  • What brought Kelia success in the beginning? And now?
  • “Nobody can make it out here alone.”
  • Growing, niching down, and rebranding
  • Building company culture and training your management muscles


“Entrepreneurship is not what I thought it was going to be, in good ways and challenging ways. Everyone talks about the freedom, and the space, and the money. But there's also the fear, and the management, and the constant changes of being a startup.” - Keila Hill-Trawick

“I wanted to be more than an accounting firm. We are a safe space. I want to be an advisory firm that gives support, that allows you to take a deep breath and know that everything is going to be okay.” - Keila Hill-Trawick


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This episode really was what I needed to hear! This was a great episode. I’ve been procrastinating with launching, waiting for everything to be perfect, but I know I need to just start!

Fish Food Podcast

Great podcast for anyone who wants to learn about how a CPA can add value. Short episodes packed with information. Keep blessing us

Fish Food Podcast

So much helpful straight to the point information. I’m so glad I discovered this gem of a podcast💕

Fish Food Podcast

This podcast serves entrepreneurs like me greatly on enhancing our businnes!

Fish Food Podcast
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