How to Overcome the Hurt Experienced by Your MotherTriggered AF Podcast

How to Overcome the Hurt Experienced by Your Mother

In the “Things My Mother Did Right” episode, your Triggered AF Podcast hosts explore how to overcome the hurt experienced by your mother. No one is perfect and mommy wounds - much like church hurt - can cut deep! Those childhood experiences can still affect our lives today. Some of us had some really crappy, mean, broken, and downright evil mothers … and still, there’s something about them raising us that made us who we are.

This episode explores the gifts and the pain caused by our mothers and how shifting our perspective can bring about true healing. Figuring out how your childhood experiences are connected to your trauma helps you better understand how to make healthier choices. Your habits and cycles are inherited from your parents and those who raise us, but we get to decide how much of an effect they have on our lives.


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Understanding our mothers were simply women having a human experience helps us to remove our expectations and requirements to free ourselves from what we hoped they would be for and to us.

Apologizing to your children is an important part of parenting. Learning how to communicate with your child is an essential part of parenting. There’s nothing wrong with seeking help from a therapist to guide you through traumatic experiences. Healing is a timeless journey.

Cultivate a community to reparent that inner child. So many of us are stuck at the place and in the stage where the trauma happened. Stop moving, living, and operating from a space that’s not even who you really are. Don’t condemn yourself to a life of misery. You can change.


“Slow progress is still progress.”  “It is ok to acknowledge when you are wrong and apologize.”  “Children pay more attention to what you do than what you say.”  “If you have to isolate your mother or parents for your own sanity, do it from a place of power, not a place of pain, frustration, bitterness, and resentment.” “Check in with yourself to determine what type of boundaries you may need to put in place for your protection.” “Sometimes their reactions to you aren't solely about you. Sometimes that’s just who they are.”


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This show is such a great listen for young and mature women to let you know you 1) no you’re not crazy 2) you’re no alone 3) your feelings matter. Thank you Alechia & Dani for your real and raw conversations. This should be a TV show!

Triggered AF Podcast

I think 🤔 we need to listen to what these women have to say. I was very impressed with the episodes and hope to hear many more.

Triggered AF Podcast

Two beautiful and uber intelligent young women discussing various topics that are extremely relevant for today? I’m in!!! I was not disappointed and I’m sure you won’t be either.

Teddy the Boss
Triggered AF Podcast

Just wow! I’ve listened to every episode and each one has helped me in some way. I’m really clear on what it is I want and what it is I need now.

FL-NY Traveler
Triggered AF Podcast
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