Failure Creates Fearlessness with Dominique BroadwaySINCE3000

Failure Creates Fearlessness with Dominique Broadway

In this episode, Danielle is joined by her Aquarian sister and 8-figure award-winning finance educator Dominique Broadway.

If at any point you’ve lost hope in your entrepreneurial journey because of an unexpected loss in revenue or felt ill-equipped because you didn’t manage your money properly, this episode is a MUST. Dominique opens up to the SINCE3000 audience about becoming a renowned personal finance advisor to going to broke to rebuilding it all to $8.5 MIL. She shares her journey hitting rock bottom, her house going into foreclosure, her car being repossessed, and how she built it all back.

Dominique's story helps us embrace that sometimes failure may be the very thing that puts us in a fearless space to climb to the top, knowing what the bottom looks like and refusing to go back. So no matter where you are in your journey or what you’ve faced financially or personally, this vulnerable episode with Dominique Broadway will ask you to focus only on what you can control and embody your future self.


“I’m going to keep my word to myself. My word is important and my opinion of myself is important. And the way to strengthen my opinion of myself is to keep my word to myself.”

“I was ok with letting myself down, but not letting other people down. Imagine what happens when I start giving myself that kind of respect.”

“It starts where first we own our story. That’s the first thing. We see that as valuable. By owning our story we can create a product around it.”


  • The similarity between a romantic life partner and a limited partner in a business [13:25]
  • How little moments in our lives compound to a lack of self-confidence in adulthood [18:00]
  • Learning how to identify the builder in your life [21:34]
  • Why the idea of “agency” requires radical self-responsibility
  • Keeping your word, commitment, and consistency to yourself [38:14]
  • Dominique gets vulnerable about going from broke to $8.5M in business [1:01:15]


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Thank you for reminding us what we already know deep within. We a creators! Looking forward to more. Peace


Since 3000 is the podcast you didn’t realize you needed. Listening to Episode 2 aligned all of the questions that I had about my current chapter into one all caps and bold answer. This podcast is inspiring and reinvigorating!


I can’t get enough of Since3000. It’s a safe space for entrepreneurs, deep thinkers or anyone attempting to break through the mold. It reflects on our collective thought processes, challenges, hardships, life-changes, obstacles and how solution-based thinking can overcome it everytime. One of challenges is waking up, having to be your own cheerleader everyday—this platform provokes thought in the power of embodying strength instilled from your past, your present and things to come. So many people died and instilled lessons engrained into us as vessels and there’s so much power in that. Paired with strategic processes of today and envisioning all possible realities for the future , there’s nothing we can’t do. Since3000 communicates this in a young, fresh, effective space, unbiased space. I can also relate to the dynamics between Danielle and her mom. I love the bit about triggers & the intimate downsides of entrepreneurship that we don’t get to communicate because they’re truly isolating spaces. Love this channel. Definitely thinking to explore NFTs!

carmen sandiego 323

One of my new fav pods 🤗

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