Embracing Your Masculine and Feminine Energy with Danielle LeslieSINCE3000

Embracing Your Masculine and Feminine Energy with Danielle Leslie

"The more awareness I've grown around what it looks like when I'm operating in my feminine and masculine, the more happy, fulfilled, joyful, and self-expressed I become."

What does being in your feminine look like in a romantic relationship? What does being with someone or being in your masculine energy look like? How do you characterize both energies? And how do you operate in each?

There is a lot of talk about masculine and feminine energy these days and a whole lot of misconceptions around both. So in this episode, Danielle explores how she defines each, as well as what it looks like to embody those energies in a romantic relationship and as a solopreneur.


“Women are the beginning and the end and everything in between. We are the true creators.” - Danielle Leslie

“We truly do have the galaxy inside of us. And I think the more we tap into that, that's where the innovation comes from.” - Danielle Leslie


  • How do you define masculine versus feminine energy? (3:00)
  • Designing your lifestyle around your natural cycle (5:57)
  • What being in your masculine and feminine looks like in a relationship (9:03)
  • The value of feminine energy in the workplace (18:01)
  • Why Danielle leans into her femininity on dates (26:38)


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Powerful message for understanding the wisdom of the collective experience we’ve had. From identity to strategic forecasting - Danielle rocks this show! Tune IN! 🔥🔥


Since 3000 is the podcast you didn’t realize you needed. Listening to Episode 2 aligned all of the questions that I had about my current chapter into one all caps and bold answer. This podcast is inspiring and reinvigorating!


The authenticity of saying yes, I mean (Yeeeeeesssss!) as you listen and feel the vibration between Danielle and her guests is just the Best!! Truly great I’m about to listen in again ! Thank you Danielle!!

Erik Reptile Guy

I’ve followed Danielle’s career since the very beginning and this program seems to catapult her in to the next echelon of leadership and entrepreneurship education. I am particularly interested in the new definition of Success and the way it supports transition from the Newtonian age thinking to Quantum age thinking. I’m buckled up!

prince zuko4
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