Don't Be a Hater, Be a CreatorSix Figure Certified Coach

Don't Be a Hater, Be a Creator

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“I really want to sign up but I’m not sure what my family or friends might think.”

Does this sound familiar?

In this episode, your hosts discuss what to do when family and friends don’t support your entrepreneurial journey. Sharing their own experiences, tune in as Katie and Olivia talk about haters, developing tough skin, and embracing the ‘prove-them-wrong’ mentality.

Be sure to listen in because your Inner Glow Circle ladies have a lot to say!


  • Do you look to others for validation?
  • You might not have a concrete plan, and that’s okay!
  • Protect the idea! - Ask your business what it needs
  • Who is disruptive to your confidence?
  • Create boundaries and shut down the noise


“You can't ask someone for directions to somewhere they've never been.”

“The people who are worth hearing their opinions don't have time to hate.”

“I would rather ask the business, what do you want next? What do you need next? Than ask some random person, what do you think I should do?”


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I love hearing all the inspiring stories of life coaches around the globe. I've listened over and over and keep getting new insight and ideas with each episode. Awesome job!

Six Figure Certified Coach

Liz and Katie have done an amazing job outlining what matters in a coaching business and what it takes to be a successful coach. Their message of taking control, female empowerment, and living with integrity is helping to shape my own business. They’ve shared the right tools and I now have the confidence to be a general life coach and be able to meet the client where they are - versus picking a very specialized area, which can be limiting. So grateful for IGC!

Six Figure Certified Coach

I have learned SO much from this podcast! There are so many gems in each episode that will help you continue to move forward. Katie and Liv know their stuff and I love all of the inspiring stories that their guests share! Definitely add this to your list! You won’t regret it!

Six Figure Certified Coach

LOVE this podcast! Katie and Olivia share amazing stories about their own experiences and how to get yourself together for your business! A MUST for any female entrepreneurs 🙌

Six Figure Certified Coach
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