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Do Your Best?

Welcome to season 5 trigger-happy fam! Alechia and Dani are back for all things magic this season as they host more provocative, thoughtful, and uncomfortable conversations triggering us to keep moving forward!

And your triggered hosts don’t hold back as they pose some difficult questions to kick off the season - Has mediocrity become king? Are we a world of enablers? What happens when our best isn’t good enough? And are we really giving 100%?

Tune in as Alechia and Dani get real about “doing your best,” yes men, hardwired habits, and when it’s okay to be selfish. Because on the journey to figuring out what our best looks like, we have got to get honest!


  • Your best is not always good enough
  • Be honest - did you really do your best?
  • Does your tribe hold you accountable?
  • There can’t be growth without discomfort
  • Is mediocrity the new best?
  • Why it’s okay to be selfish (sometimes!)


“I do think that we need to start honoring and telling the truth about, hey, this wasn't my best. I did what I had to do. And my goal is that I can do better and be better moving forward.”

“We have decided that mediocrity is what our best looks like. And the moment you accept that your mediocre mess is what your best looks like, you have literally decided to accept a life that is a lot less than what you deserve and what you're capable of.”


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I loved Dani views of this topic because I grew up in church also , but as an adult I figured out for myself that we truly should have a relationship with God and I listen to Mike Todd a preacher from Tulsa and he also states same thing. Belief and relationship with God doesn’t require rituals or any of that. I don’t let anything that I’ve seen in the church sway me from my belief in God. I believe in God not man or a religion. God does want us to fellowship with others but God is everywhere! I turn on my worship music all the time at home, in the car etc. it doesn’t require us to be in church because we can have church anywhere

Triggered AF Podcast

Even from a man’s viewpoint, this show was indeed very insightful and thought provoking.

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Triggered AF Podcast

These ladies talk about real, relatable content. Specifically the Villainous Victims episode. And it’s true…we are all villains in someone else’s story, which can be tough to admit. But necessary to understand.

Triggered AF Podcast

I absolutely love this show. The topics are very thought provoking and inspiring. After each episode I walked away with a deep question to self-examine and make an effort to do the work. Keep shining ladies. I am so proud 😌👑❤️

Triggered AF Podcast
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