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Confidence is Earned

Today’s word is confidence, something we often speak of lightly or as if it doesn’t take a lot of work to create and experience. But in reality, confidence is an incredibly important topic that your girl Stacy is on her own journey embracing.

So tune in as Stacy reflects on the difference between confidence, ego, and self-awareness, and what it actually means to reside in a confident existence as a confident person.


  • What does it mean to be truly confident?
  • Ego versus self-confidence
  • Do you have a good relationship with the unknown?
  • How to embrace, love, and be confident in your own story
  • Why confidence is earned through clarity


“My ability to learn, my ability to apologize, my ability to be wrong, my ability to try again, my ability to unlearn and relearn - that is where I built my confidence.”

“Confidence is earned. It's not just given. Ego is given. Ego feels like entitlement, but confidence is earned in the moments that we have the courage to try again.”

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Stacy is ICONIC and a true pro. I feel soooooo lucky to call her a friend and this podcast is EVERYTHING I needed and more. These guests are BOMB wow. Subscribe NOW.

Alle Pierce

SOOO AMAZING!! In love!!


Stacy Ike is such a wonderful host and always brings the most interesting guests. I love listening to all of the knowledge and free game they share!


Hands down one of the best podcast I listen to! Love the conversations and genuine spirit of the host!

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