Breaking Down the Million-Dollar Myth7-Figure Educator

Breaking Down the Million-Dollar Myth

Welcome, 7-Figure Educator! In today's episode, we're going to explore the powerful concept of redefining the storms in our lives. Most moments of disruption often precede significant transformation, and in this episode, I'll describe the four types of storms as outlined in Lalah Delia's book, "Vibrate Higher Daily": the desert, the mountain, the ocean, and the fog. Each of these storms represents a unique phase in our personal and professional growth journey.

Throughout this episode, I'll be sharing some personal insights and highlighting the essential qualities of clarity, resilience, and self-trust that are crucial when navigating these storms. I hope that my experiences and lessons will resonate with you with the challenges you face, offering both inspiration and guidance on how to embrace transformation with optimism and determination.

Join me today as we redefine and face these storms head-on in your life and emerge from them even stronger. Tune in to this episode, and let's navigate these storms together!


        •   Being on the other side of these storms leads to transformation and helps you to keep pressing forward

        •   Different types of storms that we may experience in our lives:

                •   a. The Desert: A place of isolation that forces individuals to get clear on who they are by eliminating distractions and finding silence.

                •   b. The Mountain: Represents obstacles that help raise awareness, spiritual resilience, and perspective. Climbing these mountains builds endurance and resilience.

                •   c. The Ocean: Life happens in tides and waves. The ocean pushes individuals to higher levels of balance and self-control. It can be a purifying and restoring experience.

                •   d. The Fog: A state of confusion and feeling stuck. It's a moment when individuals need to stop and seek clarity to move forward

        •   Disruption often serves as a catalyst for your transformation and growth and forces you to make choices, find clarity, and redefine your paths

        •   Trust yourself and your abilities when facing difficult decisions and challenges


"I know that there are so many of you who just feel yourself spinning in the tornado, and it feels really personal. It feels very overwhelming. And it's hard to see on the other side of it. And I wanted to give you the language to help you reframe the moment, to help you reframe the opportunity that you have to take that moment by its horns and actually be able to control the transformation that is waiting for you." - Dr. Erica Jordan Thomas

"Now that we're at the million dollar mark and we're pushing our way to eight figures. That system, that partnership isn't going to work anymore, which forces us to redefine it. And it becomes our ocean. It forces us to restore, it forces us to find self balance, it forces us to purify right where we might be in the tidal wave of the 7-figure dissonance but the benefit of that and now we have to break down in order to build up and set us up for our next milestone of eight figures." - Dr. Erica Jordan Thomas


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Love this podcast. Erinn Cottman is my favorite educator and I love hearing her perspective and insight.

7-Figure Educator

Each episode is curated with such attention and detail. So much valuable information and insight shared. I look forward to each new episode. This podcast is an excellent starting point to learn more about how to start, grow, and scale your ed consulting biz! Listening (and watching on YouTube) has been time well spent!

7-Figure Educator

I’m so excited Dr Erica has created this show for educators. Thank you!

Johnicia Miller
7-Figure Educator

Love having a podcast that is both inspirational and tactical for education business owners!

E Cottman
7-Figure Educator
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