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Blood Family vs Chosen Family

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Traci is headed to visit some of her "chosen" family in Boise, ID...and takes this short and sweet episode to discuss the differences between "blood" and "chosen" family, as well as some great ways to navigate the holidays with "blood" family or "no" family.

You can choose to spend your holidays anywhere, so how will you live your best life this season? And listen in to find out if Traci gets to stay in a baked potato AirBnB!


  • What is a chosen family?
  • Common holiday family triggers
  • You have choices! Make the most of your holiday!
  • How to cultivate your own chosen family


“My chosen family, they get me. I don't have to explain myself. I don't have to worry about being teased for something I did 20, 30, or 40 years ago. They just get me.”

“A lot of people just don't know that there's other holiday options, like being by your f*cking self and being around people you love. Being around people that motivate you and inspire you and invigorate you and treat you as you deserve to be treated.”


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