4 Damaging Behaviors You Need To Avoid In Your RelationshipDeeply Connected

4 Damaging Behaviors You Need To Avoid In Your Relationship

In this solo episode, Ludmila highlights the 4 things you can’t do when you’re in a relationship. She explains how these negative behaviors insidiously affect the relationship’s dynamic, intimacy, and even connection between you and your partner.

Ludmila also shares actionable tips, insightful questions to reflect on, and even her own personal experiences that will help you to be deeply connected with yourself and your partner. As a woman, it’s time to step into your power of feminine-masculine energy and pay attention to your blindspots and toxic behaviors in a relationship.

So tune in on this episode with Ludmila and learn the 4 biggest behaviors to refrain from and things you can do today to maintain that fulfilling & healthy relationship with your partner!


  • How women are mostly programmed to serve men  
  • The sacrifice of your well-being reflects in how you mother your partner
  • Balancing polarities of energies in a relationship
  • How criticism ruins your relationship
  • Nagging and its detrimental effects on a relationship
  • What you believe is what you attract
  • Practicing acknowledgment, gratitude, and noticing


“Please stop overgiving because it's a romance killer.” - Ludmila Woodruff

“Vulnerability – that's the thing that will inspire not only him but exactly what will inspire you to feel better. When you express yourself in that way, you are true to yourself.” - Ludmila Woodruff

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I’ve had the pleasure of being present in zooms with Ludmila and she has a vast knowledge on how to really dig deep into whatever issue you’re having. This podcast is a great extension to be able to get to know her better and have her share her knowledge. All episodes are a must to listen to! She is an amazing individual!

Deeply Connected

Ludmila has been my coach for over 2 years and has changed the way I receive and accept any and everything from friends and potential partners. She’s helped me heal, grow, and connect deeply with my own needs and stop showing up through a lens that only creates an unnecessary pattern. She’s changed my life and I am so happy y’all are finally getting her on the podcast!!!

Deeply Connected

Ludmila has taught me SOOOOOO much about being a high performing woman! She’s helped me get in tune with my feminine side & learn to trust myself! ❤️🥹 You have to listen!!!!

Deeply Connected

For those who cannot yet hire you for services, this platform, these episodes, your guidance has been sooo beneficial in my life. Thank you for turning this into a podcast! You provide such incredible value for us Women! I’m sooo excited for season 2!

Kayla Persaud
Deeply Connected
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