You Are The Brand. Choose Yourself & Master Your Message with Maya EliousLet's Thrive Together

You Are The Brand. Choose Yourself & Master Your Message with Maya Elious

Welcome back, Thrivers!

In today’s episode, I delve into the transformative power of personal branding with special guest Maya Elious, CEO of Built to Impact. As Maya shares her journey from agency runner to personal brand builder, a central theme emerges: the profound impact of humanizing our brand. We explore the art of relationship-building, where Maya's unique approach prioritizes connections over conventional pitching, fostering authentic collaborations and meaningful professional relationships.

Our conversation extends beyond individual journeys, touching on the corporate landscape. Maya advocates for empowering employees as brand ambassadors, highlighting how personal branding within a corporate framework not only attracts diverse talent but also elevates the company's overall image. Discover how authenticity can be the key to creating genuine connections in both personal and professional aspects!

Join us in this insightful episode of choosing yourself to be the master of your personal brand today. Tune in!


  • The pivotal role of having a personal brand
  • Maya's unique approach to relationship-building in business
  • On overcoming fears and self-doubts to build a successful personal brand
  • The unconventional sources of inspiration and wealth-building strategies
  • Ways to align value and purpose to craft an authentic personal brand
  • Maya’s definition of a thriving individual


"Thriving to me is like joy and fulfillment and expansion, but not in the way of just elevation... So expansion, like horizontal — if I stay the same, can I still invite more joy and fulfillment into my life? So, just a good alignment of healthy relationships, money, and overall fulfillment." — Maya Elious

"We say people are our most valuable asset, but then we don't give them the space and the platform, and even the resources and the tools to be able to amplify the amazing work that they're doing, which only makes the business look better. I think it's a huge miss." — Brittany N. Cole


Maya Elious

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Very relevant life and career info. 🙂

Let's Thrive Together

Brittany is awesome! I love the variety of guests on her show and the wisdom she brings to having a fulfilling career whether you're an entrepreneur or working a 9-5.

Take a listen with me
Let's Thrive Together

I just discovered Brittany and I am in awe of how she speaks the language that I didn’t even know I needed to hear! Her show is so transparent and relatable!!! I highly recommend!!

Let's Thrive Together

“Let’s Thrive Together” is an amazing podcast for anyone looking to grow in their career. Brittany brings real talk and great advice to every episode, making tough leadership topics easy to understand and apply. The stories and tips shared are super relatable, whether you’re just starting out or have been in the game for a while. It’s like getting advice from a wise friend who really gets the challenges of the workplace. If you want to get ahead in your career and feel more confident as a leader, this podcast is a must. Hit subscribe – you won’t regret it!

Let’s thrive together
Let's Thrive Together
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