Valentina - From Hard Life to Model and Wife, a "TAIL" of Abuse, Trafficking and Kidnapping Part 1The Hilarious Hypnotist

Valentina - From Hard Life to Model and Wife, a "TAIL" of Abuse, Trafficking and Kidnapping Part 1

Valentina was abused as a child by her biological parents, her foster parents, and then again by her adoptive parents. At 16, she was kidnapped by a longtime friend and mentor she met at church, who began grooming her as a sex worker. Refusing to do the work, Valentina was locked in a basement without food until she could escape, only to find herself abandoned by her adoptive parents. Fast forward to today, Valentina is a model and happily married...but still battling some major triggers getting in the way of her enjoying life to its fullest.

Can The Hilarious Hypnotist help Valentina get past these triggers? Tune in to find out!


  • Valentina’s physical and verbal triggers
  • How modeling helped Valentina become the woman she is today
  • Why is Valentina afraid to go out by herself?
  • What is the Orange Blossom Trail (OBT)?
  • Traci and Valentina recreate her road and release the “tail”


“I have to feel like I can escape at all points. No matter where I'm at, if I'm laying down and I'm relaxing, I need an escape.”

“I think I'll be positive about everything, but you're really not. It's just something you tell yourself. It's a band-aid. It's just a little band-aid over the scar, and then the band-aid comes off in the shower, and it's all there.”


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