Turn Your Creative Talents Into an Enterprise with Dre BrownYour Next Move

Turn Your Creative Talents Into an Enterprise with Dre Brown

In this episode, your host Kimberly is joined by Dre Brown, a self-taught freelance makeup artist who has cultivated a creative community over the last 15 years and collaborated with brands like MTV, BRAVO, WEtv, Food Network, Comedy Central, Refinery29, COSMOPOLITAN, COMPLEX, SEVENTEEN, ESSENCE, Black Enterprise, Unilever, and more!

Tune in as Dre brings us along her journey from corporate America to working her way up in media & entertainment with some of the biggest brands in the industry. On a mission to create her own (em)powerhouse, Dre sees makeup as a tool to cultivate beauty, empowerment, and confidence.Kimberly & Dre also talk about navigating the different facets of creative spaces outside of artistry, and how to monetize your creative talents.

As you draw inspiration from Dre's pursuit of impact as a beauty & lifestyle thought-leader, find out how you can turn your creative skills into an empire with Kimberly and Dre today!


Dre’s hustle story and how she was the first in her family to graduate college
How Howard University taught Dre how to monetize her talent
Dre’s journey from corporate America to freelance
Importance of sharing meantime moments with yourself and having a sense of gratitude
How Dre cultivated her confidence
Importance of the relationship between the talent and the makeup artist
Learnings of Dre from doing makeup
Advice from Dre in creating a career for ourselves
Dre’s next big move


“Makeup is like a ministry to me.” - Dre Brown

“Meantime is where you get to meet yourself. You meet yourself in the meantime, because every one is going to be there for the highlights. But the valleys are some lonely places. And if you aren't confident alone in those meantimes, then wherever you are at the top is just you're going to be putting on because it's not real. It’s the gratitude that comes in those moments.” - Dre Brown

“Sometimes, some of your gifts are not to be paid for the world to just enjoy. And you should not enterprise every gift. So, what I would say is — pause if you are in something and you're thriving, before you pivot to something else. Pause; and really look at ‘how do I need to set my life up?’” - Dre Brown


Dre Brown
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This episode was like having a conversation with friends. Friends who have been in the trenches with you and understand corporate life.I am embarking on a new work from home morning routine and liked how Kimberly and Tara talked about having a plan but going with the flow. Some days I need coffee before mindfulness… it’s my routine I can do what feels right!Thanks ladies!

Your Next Move

Short and easily ingestible coaching and informational knowledge. Kimberly tells relatable stories and gives great career advice!

Your Next Move

Kimberly shares her honest opinions and best advice on managing your career. Her delivery is direct, concise and easy to follow. Loved her episode with Ariel and their thoughts on burnout. A must listen!

Your Next Move

I really enjoy this podcast! I love how encouraging the message is but also REAL advice even if it may be unsettling to hear!This podcast gets me excited and empowered to take actionable steps in my career!

Not your average Jo
Your Next Move
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