How This National Geographic Explorer Brings Stories To Life Through Poetry with Alyea PierceYour Next Move

How This National Geographic Explorer Brings Stories To Life Through Poetry with Alyea Pierce

In this episode, Fulbright-National Geographic Storytelling Fellow Alyea Pierce joins Kimberly to talk about her journey and experience as a writer, poet, and storyteller.

Alyea uses poetry, spoken word performance, audio, and photography to examine oral storytelling & folklore traditions across the African diaspora. She has recently contributed to National Geographic’s “Into The Depths” podcast and The Soul of Music—Overheard’s four-part series focusing on music, exploration, and Black history. Currently, she works at the English department at Rutgers University as a creative writing instructor.

Alyea brings us along her journey of pivoting into a career as a poet who brings untold marginalized stories and Caribbean histories. Tune in to draw inspiration from Alyea’s personal experiences and learn helpful tips and practical advice on how to bring your stories to life!

Alyea’s journey from college to working with National Geographic
Defying rejection with timing, clarity, and effort
Allowing more vulnerability in your work and real life
How Alyea’s ambivert side helps her thrive at work
The shedding of your old self to adapt to new cultures & environments
Dealing with abrupt changes and adapting to COVID
Alyea’s Afro-Caribbean poetry project; her favorite writer and her favorite poem
Alyea’s biggest advice to those in pursuit of their career path

“It's easy to be vulnerable through poetry. To be vulnerable in real life – that's terrifying to me because that means that that is my full self in poetry. My poetry inspires my real life.” - Alyea Pierce
“As a black woman, you can find yourself adapting to whatever the majority is to be accepted, to not create dissonance, and not be seen as being too strong too power – just too-any adjective.” - Kimberly Brown

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Kim gives practical, USEFUL career advice. I look forward to new episodes every week.

Carmen Blak
Your Next Move

Kimberly is a gem! Going to grab a copy of her book.

Your Next Move

So, so good! Kimberly just has IT!

Your Next Move

Kimberly shares her honest opinions and best advice on managing your career. Her delivery is direct, concise and easy to follow. Loved her episode with Ariel and their thoughts on burnout. A must listen!

Your Next Move

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