Tracy McMillan on Accountability, Letting Go, and Finding Homehuman2human

Tracy McMillan on Accountability, Letting Go, and Finding Home

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In this episode, author, TV writer, and self-proclaimed relationship expert Tracy McMillan gets human2human about her new Hulu show, UnPrisoned. About the relationship between a father and daughter following his release from prison after 17 years, Tracy reveals the catharsis of writing this show based on her own childhood and healing journey. A path that ultimately led her to prioritize home, love, and accepting ourselves right where we are, totally imperfect.


  • What does “home” mean to Tracy?
  • Who are you having the “relationship” conversation with?
  • How do you know when to let go?
  • Identifying a need versus a want
  • Why Tracy created Un Prisoned


“When you choose a partner, you're choosing a particular set of unsolvable problems. You want to pick somebody who has the right things wrong with them for you.”

“I think what happens is, you just commit to being you more and more, aligning with what is highest in you. And everybody who doesn't match that will float out of your orbit.”


Tracy McMillan

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okay im obsessed with stacy and her interview style and was so excited for her second season. just listened to the first episode and im hooked all over again!!!


Hands down one of the best podcast I listen to! Love the conversations and genuine spirit of the host!


Amazing! Human 2 Human is one of the best podcast out


What can I say? Real conversations, real vulnerability, real transparency. If you’re searching, learning and growing, this podcast and show is a great guide and companion. And hearing my faves on this show share more of themselves has been a real treat. Love that this is in podcast form.

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