The Secret to Getting Anything You Want: Stay True to Yourself & Trust Your Lane w/ Germanee GRich In Real Life

The Secret to Getting Anything You Want: Stay True to Yourself & Trust Your Lane w/ Germanee G

In this episode, I had the pleasure of chatting with Germanee G, the founder of Gigi & Co styling firm as we dive deep into the essence of creativity, the power of manifestation, and the importance of staying true to yourself.

Germanee shares her journey of unwavering faith, overcoming dark moments, and claiming her dreams with divine timing. From styling executives to working with celebrities, she also discusses the importance of staying in your lane and trusting that your gifts will eventually make room for you. Together, we explore the beauty of being rich in friendship, faith, and authenticity. Get ready for a soulful conversation filled with wisdom, vulnerability, and the magic of claiming your dreams.


  • The importance of personal branding, creativity, and authenticity
  • Staying true to yourself and walking in your purpose
  • Overcoming dark moments and finding joy outside of work
  • The power of unwavering faith and divine timing in manifesting dreams
  • Embracing creativity, storytelling, and the art of styling
  • Navigating growth, learning from tough conversations, and staying in your lane
  • Germanee’s definition of being “rich in real life”


"Rich in real life – you are walking in your purpose, you have found joy. It’s really not about the monetary value to me. Being rich is being rich in friendship, being rich in faith, being rich in the authenticity of who you are, and walking in that every day.” - Germanee G.

“I think a lot of times we consider that a pivot is necessary when things aren't working out, or we're faced with failure, or we feel like we're sitting still for a long time. I, personally,  feel like my success right now. It’s literally because I stayed in my lane when it was uncomfortable.” - Jessica Hurley


Germanee G

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IG | germanee_g

Youtube | StyledByAG


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Your a very inspiring person with a heart of gold! Your podcasts are phenomenal.

Rich In Real Life

I don’t even listen to podcasts, but this here is the bomb .com, blue ray CD Ram, for your girl and you Mom, kwanza Ramadan, lakemsalam, lotion in your palm, and some lip balm.Basically, it’s really good!

Thoughtful George Reviews
Rich In Real Life

This is everything. I can’t say I didn’t cry hearing this because I did.Ive never heard something this accurate in my life ! To think that any women or even sometimes men feel like they are legit going nuts from thinking “ this is it ?! It can’t be “. Wanting more for yourself doesn’t mean your ungrateful and that is exactly what I needed to hear ! This is simply golden, thank you so much for pouring to us. Looking forward to continuing hearing more of your podcasts.XoxoJessica C.

Jessica C✨
Rich In Real Life

The Stranded Podcast was recommended to me by a friend & I’m so glad! Jessica is so candid and her podcast inspires me to be better.

Rich In Real Life
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