The Power to Create Your Life: Unlocking Unlimited Possibilities with Clara Angelina Diaz-AndersonMultifaceted AF

The Power to Create Your Life: Unlocking Unlimited Possibilities with Clara Angelina Diaz-Anderson

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In this episode, Kae welcomes her own coach and the woman who trained her to become a certified coach, Clara Angelina Diaz-Anderson!

The founder of Clara Fying Coaching and Consulting Institute, Clara’s mission is to empower leaders to be agents of change and co-create a world that embraces diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, and liberation. Changing the culture of education from always needing the right answers to allowing people to ask questions, tune in as this coach extraordinaire shares her journey of uncovering who she was beyond what she had been conditioned to be and her vision for the world she wants her daughter to live in.


What does being multifaceted mean to Clara?

  • The inspiration behind Clara’s first book
  • Future projects and impact aspirations
  • Representation matters!
  • The world Clara wants to see through her work


“As I started to develop and become more self-aware, and more socially aware, and more self-accepting, I started to see that I could incorporate the core of who I was, which I describe as a creative person, into everything that I do.” - Clara Angelina Diaz-Anderson

"How am I going to tell my daughter to follow her dreams if I'm not following mine?" - Clara Angelina Diaz-Anderson


Clara Angelina Diaz-Anderson

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