The Power of Styling with Germanee GeraldYour Next Move

The Power of Styling with Germanee Gerald

As you take on new opportunities and identities, it’s important that we step into them confidently, and dress is arguably a big part of that. This is where Germanee Gerald comes in. As the lead stylist of GG&Co, she helps transform and maintain the image of executives, professionals, and entrepreneur.

So tune in as Germanee and your host Kimberly Brown talk about understanding your body type, showing up authentically, and the confidence boost just one wardrobe piece can bring to ensure you come out looking and feeling like your best self.


When is it time to find a stylist?

What “uniform” makes you feel the most confident?

Why is it important to understand your body type?

The staples you need in your wardrobe

Do we need to be uncomfortable to be fly?

Merging your authentic and professional style

How to master the art of shopping


“What is that piece that helps you be the most confident version of yourself?”

“You should always feel like your authentic self. And if you are feeling like you're toning yourself down, then you're not going to show up as your best self.”


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Kimberly’s content is billed as being for women and people of color. As a white male, I feel that her content is universally applicable. As a person that benefited from privilege I appreciate having access to this point of view. I feel that being able to get an understanding of these topics from her perspective helps me better approach these topics with my employees.I hope she keeps producing new episodes and publishing books.

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Your Next Move

This is not a podcast you can listen to while cruising or running errands. Kimberly drops so many FREE gems in each episode, you’ll regret not having something to jot them down. If you’ve been feeling complacent in your career or lacking in vision, her tools are guaranteed to reignite purpose and acceleration to your drive. Your Next Move is the empowerment and advising I didn’t know I needed until now. I can’t wait until the book comes out. Thank you, Kimberly!!lol

Your Next Move

Kimberly shares her honest opinions and best advice on managing your career. Her delivery is direct, concise and easy to follow. Loved her episode with Ariel and their thoughts on burnout. A must listen!

Your Next Move

This podcast came right on time! My fiancé attended a conference & met Kimberly. He immediately told me about her book and her story & I was hooked. I really feel like listening to this podcast and reading her book will truly propel me and many into the next career move. Often times I find podcast that speak solely to quitting your job, but what about us that really enjoy what we do and just want to elevate? Kimberly did THAT! & I’m appreciative.This isn’t a podcast that you listen to in the background, GRAB YOUR PEN & PAPER! 🙌🏾

Your Next Move

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